Simone Punzo

May 26, 2005

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My name is Simone, I am 9 years old, I attend the 4th grade at the international school in Munich – Germany – and I am doing an author study about you at school.

I have researched the internet and read some of your books, like ‘fat men from space’, ‘Mush, a dog from space’ and ‘The magic Brezel’.

I have some questions to ask you:

1- Which your favorite book amongst those you have written? And which is the one you like the least?

2- How do you write your books? DO you write them all together, or does it take a lot of time for you to write? Have you got a special place you like to stay when you write your books?

3- When did you start writing books? When did you decide you were going to be a writer? How many books did you write?

4- If I wanted to become a writer like you, what should I do? What would you sugest me?

5- How do you manage to write so many books for kids, even if you are not a kid any more?

6- What is the place in the world you like the most?

I hope you will answer my questions as soon as possible!

Would it be possible for you to visit our school and talk to us kids?

Thanks a lot

Simone Punzo

Daniel replies:

  1. I don't even think much about books I have written. I am always thinking about the next book I will write.
  2. Sometimes I write the book straight through, sometimes in little nibbles and bits. Sometimes a long book gets written in a short time, and sometimes a short book takes a year or more.
  3. I started writing books in 1969. I decided I would be a writer in 1979. I think I have written around 100 books.
  4. If you wanted to become a writer like me, you should talk to your family doctor, your clergyman or a competent psychologist. I would suggest you then go to work as a professional fisherperson for a year or two.
  5. That is a very good question. It works like this. If you are 8 and you get to be 9, the 8-year-old does not go away. That person is complete and is part of you. With practice one can become good at visiting oneself at different ages. I do this, and think about what kind of book I would have liked when I was a certain age. Then I write that book. So, I am not a kid any more...but I am.
  6. The Hudson River Valley, in New York State. And it is also where I live! Nice arrangement, huh?

Here are your answers, and they are very good questions.

> Would it be possible for you to visit our school and talk to us kids?

No, because your school is in Europe, and I would not be able to get home in time to walk my dog.