Robin Yim

November 27, 2005

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Hi Mr. Pinkwater.

I’m 42 years old and my son is 9. On Monday, the Monday before Thanksgiving, we bought your book of 4 novels, Borgel being the first, and before we got home he was through the first chapter. I had promised him in the store he would like your writing. Sometimes he listens. Sometimes he doesn’t. This time he did.

At home before bed we read chapter 2 and then I tucked him in. When the next bedtime came around I started on chapter 3, but he stopped me and told me he was on chapter 5. I was outraged. How could he do this to me. I began reading chapter 3 anyway. I wanted to find out what happened. He said it was ok. Now he’s on the third novel in the book (it is Friday after Thanksgiving) and I’ve finally wrestled the book away from him so I can do some reading in it myself; Borgel just stopped for rootbeer.

I had never read your stories having only heard them on Chinwag Theater–Lizard Music, I think. Now I have a great reason to buy your books if only I can keep the kid from wearing them out before I get to them.

Thanks for writing such silly stories. I need that.

Blessings on you, your wife, and your dogs!



Daniel replies:

I wonder if authors who write stories not generally regarded as, ""silly,"" get emails like yours. Nothing is nicer than hearing about some kid devouring my stuff faster than his parent can read it to him--not to mention much faster than I can write more. There's another, similar, collection called 5 Novels, plus a few stand-alones--and more on the way. I love my job.