Gene Schwartz

November 25, 2005

Post #1890 – 20051125

Just bought “Hanukkah Lights” and was happy to see your name on a story.

Years ago you told a wonderful story on NPR, I think it was about pastrami but could have been some other 95% fat, great tasting Deli food. If memory serves, you were remembering something from childhood. Do you remember the story and is it possible to read &/or hear it again.

Last. I have been trying to find a story from the NPR Hanukkah lights series years ago that outlines the old argument of Hillel versus Shammai about the number of candles to light the first night; eight per Shammai-one per Hillel. Many requests to NPR got me no answer. To my joy the story is on the CD that goes with the “Hanukkah Lights” book. An early Hanukkah gift for me!!!

Thanks for many hours of fun listening and reading. Enjoy the holidays.

Daniel replies:

Ah, the good old days when NPR, and I, were way less boring. Since practically all my stories were about pastrami and other dangerous foodstuffs, I can't remember any individual ones. They never air my pieces any more--they just sit there--so I stopped sending them in. God save us from 100% serious people.