Mark Pinkwater

August 8, 2005

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Dear Manes,

I hope that you remember me!!!! I was in 1960 at your parent’s home when i came from FRANCE and when i bought beer for you beecause you were too young in this time! So, I hope that you and your family are OK: If possible, i would like to hear from you. I m sending ths mail from my grand daughter’s office in PARIS. Ourself, we live in ISRAEL.

Be well

Best Regards.


As you see, we bear the same first name of our grand father!!

Daniel replies:

Mark! Of course I remember you! Also in 1959 we went to the opera in Paris, and drove around the streets in somebody's Peugeot, singing the national anthems of various countries, and I ate supper with your family many times. You are a splendid man--and one of the greatest Pinkwaters.