August 9, 2005

Post #1854 – 20050809

Mr. Pinkwater, you do an excelllent job with your radio pieces. I just wondered if you remembered a fairly recent WAMU Auction for which you and your wife signed some stickers that were later decoratively placed on a poster of “Uncle Boris in the Yukon”. My dad bought that poster and gave it to me for Hanuka (I’m a middle schooler). It is now framed and hangs in the computer room. Right now I am supposed to be doing my school summer reading assignment, but I am staring at this poster instead. It helps make a relatively boring assignment more interesting. Do you do that when you write? (Of course, I know you don’t HAVE to write like I do, but I wondered…) Anyway, thanks for writing your books and for listening to me blather. It was fun.

Daniel replies:

Sure, I have to write. I sign contracts with publishing companies, and sometimes periodicals, and I am supposed to hand in finished work on a given date. Of course, I also like to write--but sometimes I don't feel like it. Therefore I have plenty of toys, gadgets, a stereo, an electric kettle, the internet and two dogs with which to amuse myself while I wait around for my feelings to change. I'm glad you have the poster--we have a framed one too.