Charles Cusumano

August 5, 2005

Post #1852 – 20050805

I’ve been dying to know if you are the same DMP to which I sold a Samuri Sword in the early 70’s. I remember coming to a small apartment in NJ with my then wife. I recall you said that you were writing childrens books. It would all seem to fit. I remember you as Manus Pinkwater. Seeing your picture on this site doesn’t help much cause I really can’t remember your face. Ok, enough of that. Are you the one in the same DMP that I met long ago?

Daniel replies:

I never bought a samurai sword--however, I sold one, an 18th century wakizashi, that came down to me from my samurai ancestors, while living in an extremely large apartment in NJ. It must be that you remember.