Mick Bolger

July 25, 2005

Post #1848 – 20050725

This may be one of those tiresome “how do I get published?” letters but I have an odd problem. In September ’05 my band and I will release, on CD, two stories: one is 3,000+ words, the other 2,000+. Both are written in verse and set to music (some of it traditional Irish, some original.) While the stories were being recorded (this will be our 7th CD release — the others have all been music), I sent out some enquiry letters to agents describing the work. One agent expressed interest and on receiving a preview copy of the recording proclaimed them good stories. Apparently, though, there is no market for this kind of thing. The market supports books that have minimal text and lots of pictures or long, picture-free books (a la mode de Harry Potter?).

Our stories are already recorded. They’re good stories and it’s a good recording. Surely there’s a market for a book with the story being told on a CD, tucked into the back cover? I know the world is full of delusional people who think their work is wonderful and that somehow their talent is not being recognized, but it was on the continued prompting of people (some as young as 6 years old) who had heard early versions of the stories, that I looked into the book idea.

I should also point out that funds for the recording were provided by a couple in the audience at a performance of one of the stories — they thought the story needed to be widely heard.

So, we’ve had many votes of confidence so far … If you can’t help, I perfectly understand; if you can, it would be much appreciated.

Daniel replies:

I think the thing to do is still keep sending your stuff until it sticks somewhere. I always remember my getting started as a published author as completely easy and pleasant--but where did those two footlockers full of rejection letters out in the barn come from?