AJ McGuire

July 26, 2005

Post #1847 – 20050726


I’m writing from Japan where I’m teaching English for awhile and seeing the country, at least a little inspired by reading of your own global wanderings. Just wanted to ask you if there’s any place you’d recommend visiting in Japan while I’m living here.

Thanks so much.

-AJ McGuire <----skinny fan of The Afterlife Diet and all your nostalgic writings about hotdogs

Daniel replies:

I was in Japan in 1967--I expect things have changed a lot. I remember liking Kamakura, which was a quiet seaside town, sandy streets, modest wooden buildings, people taking a holiday, fishermen mending their nets, besides the Daibutsu. There was a more or less defunct temple on the outskirts of town, Suizenji, I think was the name--took a longish bus ride and a bit of a hike to get there. Had a subtle and profound effect on me. Around dusk, found a little place, like a luncheonette, on the beach, nothing around it but small upturned fishing boats--had a piece of fresh halibut that I can remember clearly. I wouldn't venture a guess about what the place is like almost 40 years later.