Sue Clement

July 22, 2005

Post #1846 – 20050722

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful show that you do with Scott Simon. I have to admit that I have bought nearly ALL the books you read aloud and have only recently wised up and bought multiple copies so that my nephews, nieces and I can all have our own copies. It is such a treat to hear what sparks you in the books (and I love your aethetic sense!)

Many, many thanks. It’s one of my favorite NPR programs.

Cheers — Sue

Daniel replies:

I do pick good books. But, Scott Simon is a genius interviewer--he always brings out some point I didn't realize was there. And Sarah Beyer Kelly, who produces and edits those segments is a bigger genius than Scott, (or me), and makes a disjointed, and sometimes silly, conversation sound smooth and to the point. It's a big contrast to working with publishers, who tend to be corporate, to do something with smart, quick people.