July 15, 2005

Post #1845 – 20050715

I have a memory of a high-school-based novel where a side character, who I think was named Charlotte, but may have been named Penny, tells another character that she plans to get into college by starting a gamelan band and getting an obscure scholarship for this. I can’t remember what novel this is, but that detail suggests that it must be one of your novels, since I can’t think of another writer who’d write a scene like that, and it’s driving me mad that I can’t figure out what novel.

If you know which novel this is from, or if you know another author who’d have a scene like this, I’d love to know.

Daniel replies:

Make sure you tell me when you find out who wrote it. It wasn't me. I did write about a kazoo orchestra . (I also once bought 144 kazoos with college funds and distributed them among my fellow students--some things are better in theory than in practice, which is why I decided to become a writer).