February 16, 2005

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Dear Mr.Pinkwater, Can you please post some facts and hobbies of yourself on the forums? Im doing a report on you and i found out that Lizard Music is a really goood book. Thanks, Matthew Grade 7

Dear Mr.Pinkwater i find you very hilarous and I am a big fan of you and your book, oh and don’t forget to say hi to Mrs.Pinkwater for me *wink wink* 😛 -Matt Grade 7 Age: 13

Dear Mr.Pinkwater, You seem to give a lot more attention to Lulu and not Maxine2 (tell her I said hi hehe :P) Still Laughing, Matt

Daniel replies:

Matthew, this website is full of information about me, some of it true. Just look around. (Lulu demands more attention--besides, Maxine2 is her pet, not mine).