E. Pitman

February 18, 2005

Post #1812 – 20050218

My teacher is letting me write to you and I have two questions for you: 1. What are some websites that I can read 100% NOT SILY biographical information on YOU, because I’m studying you and I need to find biographical information? 2.What is the tittle of your next book?

Daniel replies:

A ""not silly"" website with information about me cannot exist. The actual details of my life are completely silly. I am no different from anyone, including your teacher, in this regard. In fact, the idea of a 100% not silly source of information is the silliest thing I've ever heard. A book of mine coming out soon is THE ARTSY SMARTSY CLUB. You can read the prequel, already published, LOOKING FOR BOBOWICZ, and the sort-of prequel to that, THE HOBOKEN CHICKEN EMERGENCY. Not silly? How silly!