Leo Lensing & Dinah Lensi

February 13, 2005

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Dear Pinkwater Forum,

I have the assignment to write a report on Mr. Pinkwater and his work for school. One of the things I need to know is which book awards Mr. Pinkwater has won. Surprisingly, this information is difficult to find. Even my father, who has a Ph.D. and thinks he knows something about German literature, has not been able to find anything definitive. This is probably due to Mr. Pinkwater’s unbecoming modesty. Whatever. It would be a great help to us all, daughter and father, if you could give us a list.

Best regards,

Leo Lensing & Dinah Lensing-Sharp

Daniel replies:

I am not modest. Just the opposite. I think I am the greatest writer since Christian Morgenstern. (I threw that in for Dad.) I am (quite) mildly gratified by the occasional honor or award--and then I forget all about them. I don't want awards, actually. It's the same principle whereby I would never buy a lottery ticket--I feel that I am so far ahead of the game that it would be tacky to win (somebody else's) millions of dollars. Let those who have need get the awards. What does gratify me greatly is hearing from readers who say positive things about my work, which I notice you did not.

P.S. A William Lensing was a wonderful philosophy teacher at my college. Any relation?