January 9, 2005

Post #1807 – 20050109

(This one is actually a message for Jill Pinkwater, so I hope I’m sending it to the right place…)

Dear Jill Pinkwater,

My friends and I recently started a pop fiction review website and books by both Pinkwaters are featured. I, however, have a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf for your gloriously bizarre book “Buffalo Brenda”. Alas, I have been forced to resort to paying enormous sums of money online for battered library copies of this book to give to various young readers of my acquaintance. Are there any plans for “Buffalo Brenda” to be reprinted? Thank you for your time!

Daniel replies:

Dear Julia,

This, indeed, is the right place. Thank you for the kind words about Buffalo Brenda. There has been periodic talk about the book being re-published but right now there is not a peep from publishers. I may go the self-publishing route with it and some of my other out of print novels but right now I'm busy illustrating a couple of new bear books by Daniel and trying to make two deadlines. I've actually thought of using the ""the cat threw up hairballs on my homework"" excuse -- perfectly plausible around our house.

I'm sorry you've had to fork over so much money for battered books. Brenda made it to paperback at one time (Aladdin Books). I wonder if they still have copies lying around.

Best wishes and I'll check out your review site as soon as I clean up the cat mess.

Jill Pinkwater