Andrea Bush

February 8, 2005

Post #1808 – 20050208

Please! Please! Please! Can someone who has leverage and clout convince the publishers, any publishers, to reprint The Wuggie Norple Story???!!!

My 20 year old son alerted me to the fact that it is out of print and battered old copies are selling through the used book sites for close to $200. Our old copy, which was misplaced for a long time, has the cover ripped off and is in deplorable shape. I read this book to my kids 15 years ago and they remember it as the best book EVER, especially after we got a kitten that grew in a similar way to Wuggie Norple.

It’s insane that this is out of print!!! Can’t someone do something???!!!

a loyal fan thanks you

Andrea Bush

Daniel replies:

I'd say that no one can do anything, except that once in a while I am able to get something reprinted. Publishing houses are business enterprises, and you know what those are like.