Ernst Boldt

January 6, 2005

Post #1806 – 20050106

I hope you are right about the future of the world, but I worry sometimes. If you’re still writing, we don’t see much of it north of the US border. And I’m still haunted by the words of the Mad Mallard, in the abhorr’d Quackronomicon:

Phn’glui mglw’nafh Unka-Scrooge Duckburg w’gah-nal fh’tahn.

(“In his money bin at Duckburg, dead Uncle Scrooge waits dreaming.”

Regards from us and the dog, who appears to be a Bernese Mountain Dog constructed on a half scale, although we have no idea of where she really comes from.

Daniel replies:

In all likelihood, the dog comes from New Jersey, or possibly Connecticut. What sort of accent does she speak with?