Laura Parks

November 15, 2004

Post #1778 – 20041115

My friend and I have a typical unrealistic collegiate plan: a cross-country road trip combined with a tour of independent pizza places, one for each letter of the alphabet. Our best pizza place in our eastern shore town is Alfredo’s, so we already have a good solid start. We are also planning a book of amusing short stories about our trip. Unfortunately, this all involves money that we don’t have. I know that two unpublished youths with a far-fetched idea wont be a top priority for a publishing company. I thought, since you and I have such a wonderful relationship (admittedly one sided) and it does involve pizza, you may be able to give me a little advice about it.

thank you

Laura Parks

Daniel replies:

Advice: Keep working on the idea. You are not there yet. The alphabet thing may trip you up. Good luck.