Maria Sturgeon

November 11, 2004

Post #1774 – 20041111

always enjoy listening to you on NPR. Loved it when you read a story with Scott Simon, you two go very well together. but last night on the way home, you hit a Home Run. SPANAKOPITA!! the word must be said with reverance, as it is truly a joy to experience. (And I don’t even care for spinach). thank you for many enjoyable minutes on NPR

Maria Sturgeon

Gresham, OR

Daniel replies:

It was ever thus, when I make some important point about the human condition almost nobody says anything--but talk about food and I get kudos from all over. Jill dropped by Pete's Famous Greek Delights to pick up a chicken gyro, and they said they had been slammed in the hours following the broadcast. People drove miles for souvlaki--but when I tell people to buy my latest book what happens?