Todd Hannula

November 5, 2004

Post #1772 – 20041105


I was intrigued by your comments on NPR this week (RE: Gay high school chum in the 1950s). I wonder if that was a teaser for a much more expanded commentary? If so, where could i find it?

Thanks for the thoughtful, but brief, piece…it helps to remind us that its really not “us” vs. “them” in anything, but something somewhat more civil in the middle.


Todd in NH

Daniel replies:

There was another quasi factual commentary I did years ago that started from the same place. The point of that one was not that the gay kid was more or less accepted based on his personality not his sexuality, but what happened after he lost the election. It turned out he had his own political machine, made up for some reason of boys in the ""sight-saving"" class--kids with huge thick glasses. So, after the votes were counted, a kid with goggles came up to me and said, ""Our candidate lost, but you worked for his election, and here is your reward."" So saying he handed me an armband which signified that I was a Lieutenant of the Hall Monitors. This meant that I was free to roam the halls one period a day, making sure the hall monitors were at their posts, inspecting peoples' passes. As people graduated, I was advanced to Captain of the Hall Monitors, and Fire Marshall. These positions must have been honorary--if I had any duties, I never found out what they were--but I was entitled to be anywhere in the school at any time, could walk out of class at my will, and had keys to everything. The moral of that commentary was that all politics is local, and virtue is rewarded.