Doug Burns

November 11, 2004

Post #1775 – 20041111

Hi Daniel:

I have always enjoyed your commentaries that play on my local public radio station, WAMC in Albany. The other day as I listened to your story about a local Greek restaurant that makes wonderful spanokopita (I will have to remember the place, Pete’s I think, the next time I am down Hyde Park way). After you were finished, the NPR news person said something like, “Daniel Pinkwater lives in New York’s Upper Hudson River Valley”. I am assuming from your story that you live somewhere near Hyde Park, and that is definitely not in New York’s Upper Hudson River Valley. Mid- I’ll give you, but not upper. On a clear day from a mountaintop near Hyde Park, you could practically see the skyscrapers of Manhattan. I don’t know if that’s how you describe where you live, or if the NPR broadcaster, with a clearly New York City perspective, was simply editorializing. So, if it’s his fault, then clearly I am barking up the wrong tree. There is no strict definition of where the Upper Hudson River Valley begins, but I live near Albany, and we would not describe ourselves as living in the Upper Hudson River Valley. Those in Glens Falls and north would definitely say they live in the upper valley. A reasonable definition would be that the upper valley begins at the Troy Dam, where the Hudson changes from a tidal to a free flowing river. Okay, now I’m done with my rant—I feel better. No response necessary. Good luck with your diet, and keep producing those great commentaries. Cheers, Doug Burns

Daniel replies:

I think the email address for correcting errors on the radio program is They will be delighted to hear from you, as we were. (And it is true, New York City dwellers think of everything North of Yonkers as ""upstate,"" probably because that is where the availabilty of decent bagels ends).