Scott Sperry

November 16, 2004

Post #1780 – 20041116

Hi Mr. Pinkwater,

We again celebrated your birthday with a week long tribute to the books we have of yours in our library collection. I would like to know as well as the kids, is there a sequel to Mush, Dog from Space, in the works. The kids as well as myself would like to hear more about Mush and her journey to earth.

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!

Scott Sperry

Media Specialist

Silverthorne Elementary

Silverthorne, CO

Daniel replies:

Thanks for the birthday wishes. There might have been more Mush books, but as has happened a number of times, the publisher bailed on the idea when the first book or two did not make a big enough profit. I always thought that profit was profit--you get back your investment, cover expenses, and you make money on top--but current business principles dictate that only obscene profits count. So a publisher will keep going back to the same author, because he makes them money--but insist on totally new projects in the hope that one of them will be another Captain Underpants. Not complaining--just explaining why no more Mushes.