Mark Henderson

November 15, 2004

Post #1777 – 20041115

Dear Pinkwater,

Long time fan of you and Scott on NPR. (Even before you where the children’s book guy.) Do you have a list of your favorites for children? Especially interested in appropriate for ages 4-8. Can you send or where can I find?

A thought: Pinkwater’s Children’s Book of the Month Club. Would subscribe right away. Trust your recommendations and would save me from hours of bewilderment at bookstore or Amazon.

A recommendation for you Re: Radio Theatre: ‘Moon Over Morocco’ by ZBS (circa 1974). Story of a seeker in search of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Script, actor-characters and sound ambience all sublime.

Will subscribe to your newsletter, but hope you may respond with any advice you can offer. Your ‘Upstate New York’ mystery location a nice touch.

Regards, Mark.

Daniel replies:

NPR may have a list. Or there may be a list on this very website. Or a link to NPR's list. I think Moon Over Morrocco is currently running on XM satellite radio.