Caitlin Higgins

October 1, 2004

Post #1757 – 20041001

I have been a fan of your work since fourth grade (I am recently in eighth grade) when I read your book of four novels (I forget what it was called!). In sixth grade, I found your ‘Five Fantastic Novels’ book and I did a book report on Borgel. In seventh grade, I did a report on The Worms of Kukumlima. Now, I have to write a non-fiction piece, and it seemed obvious that I should pick you. Is there anything interesting that I could include in my report? Thanks…

Daniel replies:

Well, I am fat. I mean, quite fat. There is a lot of interest in obesity, lots of reports in the news. You could quote from a couple of those. And if you look around you can find interviews (I think there's a link to one on in which people ask me questions about being fat. And many of my books have fat characters. You can call your paper ""How to be Fat, a Discussion of Fat Issues in the Work and Thought of Fat Author, Daniel Pinkwater."" Ought to get an ""A.""