Carrie Dye

September 20, 2004

Post #1755 – 20040920

What would convince you to take a trip to the beautiful state of Washington? I have been a fan of your books for decades.

You could make an appearance at my library.

You can visit the space needle…

You can get good Salmon…..

It rains!!!

You could see the beautiful new Seattle Public Library!

Then you could make a side trip to Olympia and visit my library at 8th and Franklin in Olympia, Washington. Then you could see the sights of Olympia:

The artesian well – where locals meet to discuss politics and Bush bash.

Watch the “greeners” from Evergreen College promenade at night. (endlessly interresting!!)

Take in a movie at the Olympia Film society.

Walk in the rain around Capitol Lake.

Buy herbs and strange concoctions at Radiance.

Meet new friends at the Traditions Cafe.

Stand by the new bridge with the peaceniks and protest the war.

You can’t beat this town!

Wadda you say???

-Carrie Dye


Olympia, Washington

Daniel replies:

Finest invitation I ever had. Is Olympia, Washington more than four hours from my house?