Tina Larkin

October 1, 2004

Post #1756 – 20041001

Dear DP,

Greetings from Tina Larkin and David Roberts, goofy husband and wife professional musicians who have written and illustrated a children’s book Biff the Moose and are working on Biff the Purple Moose and the Mishuganah Matzo Ball.. Tashi Lynn the Dobie and Senka Sue the German Shepherd would like us to send you a copy of Biff to read. We all (even the dogs) have read your Uncle Boris in the Yukon and we think you might like Biff very much….but he isn’t a Jewish moose…but I am! I mean Jewish, not a moose though. (and our new cd has half Jewish klezmer on it-the other half is celtic) Biff has a penchant for toast, so he wears 6 toasters strapped to his back. Too funny. May we send a copy to you? Thank you for your wonderful book. As soon as I finished it, I had to read it again, except the very beginning part-your child hoodwasevenworsethanmine. My dogs kept me afloat those early years.

Best Always-Tina Larkin

Daniel replies:

I regret that I am not able to look at yet-to-be-published books, especially moose ones. Already the Meshugganah Matzoball has lodged in my subconscious, and when my book comes out, you will feel that Pinky has ripped you off. When you haul me into court, my lawyer will explain that it is your own fault for telling me about it.