Kirk Weyant

July 15, 2004

Post #1725 – 20040715

Mr. Pinkwater,

I happened to hear the interview with you on “Fresh Air” several days ago. Even though I was on my way inside with groceries I waited in the car to find out who you were. I wanted to know, not because I appreciated what you had to say, but because I was appalled. You talked about writing for adults with distain saying that adults were only looking for something to read before falling asleep. It seemed that you look down on this idea, and yet you said that you purposely write in such a way as to contribute to that. I do not understand why you feel that you can arrogantly say critical things about the way adults read (and their choice of reading material) and then turn around and churn out the garbage that you complain about. I have never read one of your books and probably never will since I am not interested in someone “drooling on the page” as you put it. If writing is not about art why bother?

Thank you.

Daniel replies:

You're welcome. Keep not reading my stuff!