Dianna in Denver

July 16, 2004

Post #1727 – 20040716

Mr. Pinkwater

I must respectfully disagree with your comment on NPR that your best book is your first, Lizard Music. As good as that one is, your best book is The Education of Robert Nifkin, which has possibly one of the best opening lines in literature: “My father was a son-of-a-bitch from Eastern Europe.” How could anyone fail to be pulled into a book that starts that way?

It also contains a line whereby a morose girl insults her father by saying that he has “tiny tree frogs on his soul,” a line that, the first time i read it, made me laugh until i cried, then continue snickering uncontrollably for the rest of the evening whenever I thought of it.

Oh, I so wish you’d put out another young adult-to-adult level book. I know the kiddies love you, but we big kids do too!

Your fan, Dianna in Denver

Daniel replies:

OK, Dianna. I will! (Did you notice the announcement on this website that The Education of Robert Nifkin is going to be republished in paperback?) Meanwhile, read Looking for Bobowicz, if only to be ready for the sequel, The Artsy Smartsy Club, which I predict you will like more than Nifkin.