Donna Haight

July 13, 2004

Post #1724 – 20040713

Mr. Pinkwater,

I was traveling with my children one weekend near christmas and we heard you (I hope it was you!) telling a wonderful story about how santa and his helpers deliver gifts to children in different parts of the world. Madison, my daughter laughed about it the rest of the trip. Told her friends the story and her birthday is coming up on August 4th. I would like to obtain a copy of it. I’m not sure if it is a book or just a tape but it would add a little humor to her 12th birthday.

The one line I remember is that in some countries seven to eight blackmen come to the home. A liitle boy says, “Did you say seven to eight?”. The story goes on to say how they would have run around the house trying to board it up so they couln’t get it. We laughed so hard over this delightful story.

Please let me know is it is available for purchase.

Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor.

Daniel replies:

I'd love to help you. Too bad I can't remember. It's not a story by me--probably one I read on the defunct radio program Chinwag Theater. Maybe someone knows.