Brian Siano

July 12, 2004

Post #1721 – 20040712

Humbly asking for a teensy bit of advice…Namely, could you recommend a good agent for a children’s book? I’ve finally reached a draft which needs an eye far more professional that mine own. In other words, when I’ve asked for advice, people tell me to look up either your agent or the late Shel Silverstein’s. But, since this advice never includes a name or address for such fabulous beasts, it’s not exactly the most useful.

Please accept my massive and abject apologies if this information has been discussed on your forum before, or if I’ve missed it elsewhere on your website. In fact, if that is the case, please imagine one of Fu Manchu’s minions begging forgiveness. That’d be about right.

(It’s 5,000 words about a kid who gets revenge on his cruel schoolmates. Yes, food is mentioned, at least: Boil’n’Eat, which has all the nutrition of a steak dinner without the taste.)

Daniel replies:

Someone once dedicated a book, ""To my agent, who believed in me when everybody else did.""

Have you tried submitting your book yourself? It's easier to get an agent when you are already earning money. (Then you'll earn less, but you can tell people who don't care that you have an agent).

Sorry to tell you, there is no more professional eye than thine own. If you need someone to tell you if your stuff is good or not, you need to educate yourself more.