Steve DeYoung

July 6, 2004

Post #1720 – 20040706

I accidentally ended up at this site, sort of like a beagle, tracking a gravy-soaked wease,l finding itself standing on a median strip. However, as long as I am here, I wanted to give proper homage* to your efforts, with your daughter Jill, on the “Larry” books. Being that I am not much of a reader of ….like….you know…text, having an option to read your work in a more digestable format and simultaneously continue the gradual work of warping my twin boys, it would seem that some cosmic tumblers are in…….sorry. It appears I am no longer on the median strip. Yep, the old nose led me to a cosmic tumbler.

(*proper homage in this case typically requires jumper-cables and a wood-wind instrument , oh and lots of improperly hyphenated words.)

Daniel replies:

Peace, man.