Tadeusz Glowinski

January 29, 2004

Post #1684 – 20040129

Dear Friends,

that’s again me, Tadeusz Glowinski, old man but with heart continually young and ready to work.

My collection of books has now a little another name:

The Foreignlanguage Social Library for Children and Youth


(Tadeusz – me, Przemyslaw – my son, and Oliver – my grandson)

Since 27. September 2002 the main part of my collection of books is arrested (SCANDAL !!!), and children and youth cannot its to use. The Judgement in Olesnica – my city – already over one year cannot to find the proof that these books are my not, but do not wants give back it.

I appeal to Your good hearts to present me some books (a little wasted books are good, too), so that I may rebuild my collection of books and still helpen children and youth in my city, learn foreign languages.

Moreover my GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY is the first and sole library that size in Poland and in Europe, too. It came to existence without money and is gratis in the service to users.

For that beautiful and useful idea I dedicated all my life !!!

I will be very, very grateful to You for HELP !

With best regards from Olesnica, from Poland

Tadeusz Glowinski – librarian


Tadeusz Glowinski

ul. Kopernika 13/18

56 – 400 Olesnica


Daniel replies:

I don't know this guy, but he seems nice.