Michael Mayo

February 9, 2004

Post #1685 – 20040209

Hi My name is Mike Mayo. I’m a 53 year old Podiatrist. I love listening to Daniel read his own books. Why does he not have all his books on audio tape? or does he. How can I get copies of his NPR shows. I live near Disneyland and no station carries his shows. Are tapes of CHINWAG THEATRE for sale. Does he ever come to california and give talks? Thankyou very much. I sure hope there are many audio tapes available that I am unaware of.

Daniel replies:

Audio tapes exist, but virtually none are in print. Many were issued by the awful and defunct Dove Audio. There are a few new ones scheduled from actual publishers like Houghton Mifflin and Harper Collins, but for now it's what you can find on ebay and like that. Does Disneyland jam local stations? Couldn't you hire a podiatry intern to read to you?