Roger Gomoll

January 28, 2004

Post #1683 – 20040128

Dear Mr Pinkwater:

I’m a fan of yours. Especially on Saturday mornings with Scott Simon. I’m also a tubist. Three of my friends and I have a high quality tuba quartet.

We’ve been asked to be guest artists for 6th grade band at their spring concert in April.

I’d like to commission a piece from a composer friend of mine that we can play with the band. But I think that the piece needs a story line.

Do you have any suggestions for a story that can be told musically in 5 minutes or less by a kid’s concert band and 4 middle aged tubists?

I know it’s an unusual request, but we’re an unusal bunch of tubists. And most of us are Public Radio fans, too.

Thanks a heap.

Roger Gomoll

Eb Tuba Sheldon Theatre Brass Band

Red Wing Minnesota

Daniel replies:

I don't know...6th graders you say? How about my book THE PICTURE OF MORTY AND RAY ? It has an evil guy, and a moment of stark horror when the picture--it's the same story as Dorian Gray--is revealed. (Scott and I read it on the program, so audio of it can be found on the NPR website). Of course, you don't have official permission to present it, should you want to, except in the venue you mention--but if the piece comes out well, send a recording to Sara Beyer Kelly at Weekend Edition Saturday. (And me too).