Jim Brenneman II

June 25, 2003

Post #1653 – 20030625

Daniel and Jill!

Long time listener, first time caller, oops, writer. Bad joke aside, my name is Jim Brenneman and I am an artist in search of direction. I believe my work is ready for the world but lack the nerve, finances , and knowledge outside of the submit and rejection routine which I somehow enjoy in an odd way.

I live just outside of Syracuse (The New York one not the old one with all the really cool Gods and such) and was curious to know if you ever find yourselves in the area. If so I wonder if you could give me an opportunity to shamelessly promote myself? My wife Heather and my exceptionally cute and overly chatty daughter Katie ( much like her parents) would enjoy the pleasure of your company. Pizza, beer, tofu or you name it. If not I’m persistent I’ll keep drawing and listening.

Thank you for reading past the first sentence and sincerely giving me hours of entertainment.

Jim (Artboy) Brenneman II

Daniel replies:

Even more effective than making me guzzle beer pizza and tofu, (which _is_ a great combination, I agree), would be if Webmaster Ed could link to or display some--it is to be hoped--non-obscene example of your work, which could then be viewed by the intellectual and aesthetic elite, including editors, art directors, agents and pundits--especially pundits--all regular visitors to this site. Should no one contact you with a firm offer in, say, two weeks following exposure here, I suggest you emigrate--I understand there is work in Los Angeles for those who are not too particular.