Deborah DeMille-Wagman

June 26, 2003

Post #1654 – 20030626

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

One of the kindest things my mother ever did for me was to read aloud to me from a collection of your essays as I was recovering from major surgery. Her intent was to make me laugh. She succeeded. Eat Pudding was one of my favorites. Subsequent to my recovery, in a moment of well-intended but not clearly thought out generosity, I lent a friend the book. Alas, but the friend lost the book. For the past four years I have tried to track down a copy of that particular essay. Please put me out of my misery and tell me where I can find it. I want to read it again, as well as have it on hand for my kids to read. Right now they are in training with Lizard Music and the Wayside School series. My goal is that this summer they discover the joy of laughing so hard that they wet their pants. I intend your writings to be an integral part of this lesson.

Best fishes,

Deborah DeMille-Wagman

Daniel replies:

Laughing so hard they squirt milk through their noses is good too.