The Mad Librarian

June 19, 2003

Post #1651 – 20030619

Every day I check and every day it says the contest entry will be later this week…this has been going on for almost 2 weeks. When does the contest begin? I wish to add this book to my collection of fine literature. I am seeing to it that we have several copies at the library here.

By the Way Los Angeles does exist. I am flying through there on my way back east for a visit with this very strange BioChemist and an equally Strange Lawyer.

Your fan forever,

The Mad Librarian

Daniel replies:

I am not in charge of the contest. I merely cooperate to the best of my ability, and try feverishly to finish LOOKING FOR BOBOWICZ by the end of June, 2003. The book is nearly done, and so far no one has looked for Bobowicz. I hope readers will not be disappointed by this omission, and by the book jacket image of the giant chicken carrying off a screaming kid, already approved by the publishers. This scene has not appeared in the book either, and there are only probably 25 pages to go. In other words, I have problems of my own. Have fun visiting the strange, Mad.