Scott Lounsbury

January 16, 2003

Post #1597 – 20030116

Good day!

I have been on a quest to seek out a book I read as a Junior High student, more than a few years ago. The book was about three friends, two boys and a girl. The boy wanted to date the girl, but she seemed more interested in the other boy, a tall gangly basketball player who only played well when the first boy was playing an odd musical instrument during the basketball games. I read this at about the same time as I read Fat Men from Space which I thought was by the same author. The only concrete fact I remember about the book is that the girl’s name, I think, was “Plethora Tresses.” Did you, as my often-faulty memory prods me, write the story in which the young heroine, Plethora Tresses appears? Or, if not, have you any idea who may have and what the title might be? I have a son whom I think would quite enjoy this book, as he has enjoyed yours!

Thank you!

Scott Lounsbury, music teacher

Belmont Middle School

Belmont, New Hampshire

Daniel replies:

I went to college with someone named Arthur Tresses, and a fine fellow he was--but that is not of any help to you, is it?