Randall Berk

January 20, 2003

Post #1598 – 20030120

I would like to say that I am outraged that Chinwag Theater has been cancelled. Despite the fact that I never listened to it, I highly support the airing of such a great author on a regular basis. Thinking about this, I want to set up a petition or something. Or, um, start my own radio station, yea! That would be great except I’m only fourteen. But maybe when I grow up. Yes. I will start my own radio station when I grow up that will air Daniel Pinkwater regularly reading from some of his great books! And maybe a little ska music, who knows? And when that succeeds, I will become a great movie producer and make movies of the most awesome books of all time! I really like Lizard Music. Maybe I’m weird for this, but I’m writing a script for it. Except for the complications with the life-sized lizards, I could film it now! Maybe I will…maybe I will…

Contemplating with enraged thoughts,

-Nigel Hawkes esq.

Daniel replies:

Film it and I will sue you. I don't care that you are only 14. Practice on some other author, and do my books when you are a grown-up filmmaker of 19 0r 20 with connections and money. Have your people call my people.