November 1, 2002

Post #1564 – 20021101

I was amazed! I was reading through this mournfully remembering when I once owned a vintage marine band radio that picked up NPR out here in the woods, when I stumbled upon your description of The Chicken Thing. It also works with cats, sir. I kept my terminally ill feline alive (at twenty pounds) for six years after her diagnoses. In cases when I (as an anthropology major) could not afford cat-chicken, she enjoyed cheesy spaghetti-o’s, too. And butter. Who doesn’t?

As interesting as I found all that, however, this is why I wrote: should you ever hit Missouri in your travels, I offer you venison chilli and the rhubarb custard pie, with a very nicely spicy Norton wine. Thank you for your books.

Daniel replies:

I'll bring the spaghetti-o's.