Maureen Spada

October 30, 2002

Post #1563 – 20021030

Is it possible to receive the titles of book(s) to be read on weekend edition with Scott IN ADVANCE? I would love it and so would my local bookstore in Woodstock,NY: The Golden Notebook. The books are always big sellers and very popular, and need to be ordered. I buy all of the books you discuss/read for my school library!!! Love the show, Maureen Spada Thanks a lot!

Daniel replies:

If you see me on Tinker Street, or eating zucchini fritatas at Joshua's in Woodstock, you can ask me what the next book is--and if I know, I will tell you. (Often I don't know, because we haven't made a final pick until two or three days before the program airs). To publish the titles much in advance would be sort of against the spirit of book reviewing and public radio.

I do love that the books we feature do well. I love that the authors and illustrators may get a nice check...if they have skillful publishers who exploit the exposure. Then there are the other kind of publishers, the kind I plan to expose to daylight in the near future. You know who you are, Marshall Cavendish.