Gloria Warrington

October 17, 2002

Post #1553 – 20021017

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

A few weeks ago on ATC your commentary was about Maxine, her diagnosis and the “chicken thing”. Could you elaborate on the chicken thing a little bit?

Daniel replies:

Maxine, a yellow Labrador, was declared terminal more than two years ago. The vet did the tests twice. Since that time she has had cooked chicken, (usually boiled), with her supper every night. She is asymtomatic, and while far from young, is alert, playful, assertive and clearly enjoying herself. She has gained a bit of weight over the two years. This is the ""chicken thing."" It's worked with other pets before. Our theory is that every morning she wakes up thinking, ""If I am still alive at 4:00 PM, I will get chicken."" She goes to sleep thinking the same thing. If anyone wants to try this, I make no scientific or medical claims. couldn't hurt.