Margery Cuyler

October 18, 2002

Post #1554 – 20021018

Dear DP,

I love your Larry books, so much so that I’d love to see them in paperback. Then I can read them to my dog. And my dog can read them to other dogs. And other dogs can read them to other dogs. And then dogs will be kinder to bears. Love, Margery Cuyler

P.S. Let’s hear it for National Arf Day.

Daniel replies:

This is precisely why my master stopped teaching me to read. When you have dogs reading to other dogs, and teaching other dogs to read, and getting radical notions, like being kind to bears, there is no telling where it will all end. My master thinks you should stick to books, and business, and the book business, and stay away from dangerous ideas. Just a word of advice from,