Hugh Musick

October 6, 2002

Post #1547 – 20021006

Several years ago, I purchased a copy of Blue Moose at a second-hand bookstore in Chicago. Both my wife and I have read the book many times to our two children. My eight-year-old son is an excellent reader and the other night I asked him to select a book to read to me each evening before going to bed. He chose Blue Moose. What makes the experience so enchanting, aside from the glorious story, is to listen to my son throw himself into the various roles of the Moose, Mr. Breton, and the townspeople. It gives me comfort to know that a work of creativity can continue to live in the hearts and minds of people many years after its conception. I like to believe that 200 years what people will remember is not today’s Fortune 500 tycoon, but rather, Blue Moose.

Hugh Musick


Daniel replies:

Well, I know that's what I will remember in 200 years.