Clare Sorman

October 3, 2002

Post #1546 – 20021003


Years ago my parents used to read me “The Wuggie Norple Story”. I remember how much I had loved this book, but I couldn’t remember the name here in my adult life. My workplace just had a used book sale for the United Way, and a lady found a copy of this book and thought it was kind of cute, so she put it on hold. I saw it, picked it up, and couldn’t believe it – it was the exact book I have been wanting to find! It is a hardcover version (cannot remember publisher), signed by Mr. de Paola. I also have always adored his illustrations. Anyway, this woman doesn’t seem to want to give it to me even though I have offered both her and the United Way $50. She says she just likes the pictures because she has cats. ARRRRGGGH! She doesn’t even really seem to care. Anyway, I am an amateur used, rare and out of print collector and I am wondering how much this particular copy would be worth – but if she ends up selling it to me, I WILL NEVER SELL IT. As a fanatic book person I would be so ecstatic to own this book. Can you give me some thoughts?

I also have a fat orange cat so it makes me so happy to see this book again. I think we will name our next cat Wuggie.


Daniel replies:

I bet you can find a copy for less than $50--not that it isn't a good thing to support worthwhile charities. When you do, you can send it to me with a postpaid return mailer and I will sign it for you. Then do the same thing to Tomi DePaola, and I am sure he will sign it for you. And, if you want, I know where the original editor works, and she will sign it for you.