October 7, 2002

Post #1548 – 20021007

I have a serious question to ask you. Were you bullied at school? My mother thinks that you were, from reading some of your stories(I don’t really know why). But I was thinking that a strange person such as yourself may have a solution. My best friend quit school a few days ago and now he’s homeschooling. I’m not allowed. I would really be interested to hear your outlook on such a situation,


ps you can post this message publicly if you want, or not, if you don’t.

Daniel replies:

I got bullied from time to time. Once I called my mother in, and she and the teacher talked it over. The teacher said, ""Why a big boy like you could wipe the floor with those bullies."" That's what she said. I did later pound one of the bullies--but I didn't like it much more than being bullied. On another occasion, I tried being a bully for about five minutes--that felt really unpleasant. Mostly I avoided situations. Developing a scary insane smile is useful. Also yodeling and howling while smiling insanely and advancing may work.