Noelle Nordstrom

August 31, 2002

Post #1531 – 20020831

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My family and I enjoyed listening to a tape of you reading “Moose Tales” during our recent, 1200 mile road trip. We played the tape several times and it probably kept us from killing each other. My 4 year old daughter is now obsessed with clam chowder, and wants to have a dinner with the same fare you would find at Mr. Breton’s restaurant. This will be a fun thing to do, but I need a good gingerbread recipe. Is there one that you would recommend? Thank you very much for writing stories that tickle all of us to the core, for expanding my kid’s interest in food beyond jam sandwiches, and hopefully for sharing a Pinkwater-approved gingerbread recipe!

Sincerely, Noelle

Daniel replies:

I do not have a gingerbread recipe, and am pretty certain that I never had gingerbread I didn't like, (with applesauce, of course). After a lengthy search, Jill and I found the ultimate New England clam chowder recipe in the probably out-of-print and hard-to-find Vincent Price Cookbook--not far-off from the original and historic Mr. Breton version.