John Withers, Jr.

August 30, 2002

Post #1530 – 20020830

TO: Daniel Pinkwater & Scott Simon

New York & Illinois

FROM: John S. Withers, Jr.

Hamden, Connecticut

For a number of years I have been sending copies of children’s books to my sister (3rd Grade Teacher) and to her elementary school library in San Antonio, Texas based on the book reviews that Mr. Pinkwater and Mr. Simon do on Saturday mornings.

After listening to one of your book reviews the other day and realizing at the same time that I had never forwarded one of Mr. Pinkwater’s books on to San Antonio I decided to email you two questions:

1) Is it possible to purchase one or more of Mr. Pinkwater’s books through you and have him inscribe the book to a school?

2) Have you considered making a computer CD either for general school use or specifically for a school, perhaps doing one of your book reviews or even better, making a special presentation for the school?

In the case of my sister’s school, an urban school in the center of San Antonio, either of the above would be a special treat for my sister and the school.

With best regards,

John S. Withers, Jr.

Daniel replies:

I never have considered making a computer CD for school use. I just write books. I don't convert them into educational materials. That is a job for the....professionals.