Lee Squires

September 2, 2002

Post #1533 – 20020902

Le Chat,

I have a kink on my Floggins chip which runs in parallel with my hard drive and wreaks havoc on my ‘puter. Two amongst the many things that occur with a kinked Floggins are an extremely slow processing turnaround, and a consistent misspelling of the word ‘tomarrow’. Sabatini, no doubt could have repaired it faster than a fish can whistle, but (mores the pity) couldn’t be located. Why is that?

On a completely different note, several of my multitudinous children are becoming Pinkwater fans. Is this correctable by nutritional supplements, or will I have to resort to surgery?

The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe

Daniel replies:

Steps taken to reverse fannishness have failed when undertaken in clinical settings. Fresh fruits and vegetables, and European travel may help, but have not been shown to eliminate the condition. Residence in footwear is counterindicated.