July 5, 2002

Post #1506 – 20020705

Was there ever an unabriged audio version of Borgel? My mom happened to pick up the excerpts that dove audio put out a while back. It was cheap, and having read some of your books before, we figured it would be good. We absolutely love it and listen to it every year when we take our anual road trip to New Jersey from Colorado. It would be fabulous to have the whole book on tape. It would actually make the long boring ride through Nebraska fun. However, I have not been able to locate it. Did it ever exist?

Also, is Borgel in print anymore? I can check it out from my library, but I would love to own it, and can’t seem to find it at any stores.

Wholewheat fig bars and all natural honney sweetened gingerbeer make a wonderful combination, and are wonderful food for on the road. Borgel certainly knew the right way to travel.

Daniel replies:

I still wake up screaming because of Dove Audio--and I believe I am not the only one. I recorded the entire BORGEL, but they only published the one cassette because someone had ordered the wrong size boxes. I could tell you more stories, but then you'd wake up screaming.

Borgel can be found with 3 other reprinted books in 4 Fantastic Novels, (Simon and Schuster), $10.00, paperback. If you also purchase 5 Novels, Farrar Straus and Giroux, you will have nine of my novels for a little over twenty bucks.