Nanna Ogburn

July 4, 2002

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Whilst I was shelving books at my university library, I stumbled across a book called “Ducks!”. I read this book because my boyfriend is the number one fan of ducks in general. Anyway, this was a big mistake because soon I fell right on my bottom laughing until I was in pain. I even read the book out loud to the few patrons whom I had bothered by this outburst so they could understand that I was not just crazy. So, I was determined to get this book for my boyfriend, nieces, nephew, father, siblings, and any random stranger I came across that looked like they hadn’t read in a while. But, it is sadly out of print. How can I get my hands on some copies of this great story?

Nanna Ogburn

p.s. My boyfriend would like to make note that ducks do not lie, and he is quite offended at the affront on this most noble of creatures.

Daniel replies:

It's in print! It's in print! Xlibris, ( ) is offering DUCKS! You order, and they will print and bind one just for you. The ink-and-paper quality of the Xlibris edition is a bit better than the original from the conventional publisher. Amazon should be listing it soon.